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Optimizing Operations: The Tilting Process at PT Indonesia Aluminium Alloy's Casthouse.

Kuala Tanjung, February 7, 2023 - Activities at PT Indonesia Aluminium Alloy's (PT IAA) Casthouse are being intensified as a determination to achieve the set targets. Various production activities are carried out, prioritizing the principles of health and safety as the top priority.

One of the activities carried out is the tilting process in the Holding Furnace. Tilting is the stage where molten or liquid aluminum is transferred from the Holding Furnace to the Launder. In the trial, the tilting process is conducted with a tilt angle of 28 degrees as a parameter to achieve optimal results.

Before the tilting process commences, the Production Team of PT IAA conducts a thorough inspection of the refractories to ensure the continuity of activities can be carried out safely and according to procedures. The good condition of refractories is crucial for the smooth progression of subsequent metal charging processes.


Memproduksi billet aluminium sekunder dengan kapasitas cetak sebesar 50.000 ton per tahun dan ke depannya akan memproduksi berbagai produk aluminium ekstrusi sebagai produk turunannya.

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