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PT Indonesia Aluminium Alloy and PT INALUM Conduct Joint Tree Planting Activities to Support Environmental Sustainability.

Kuala Tanjung, 4 Maret 2024 – In a demonstration of commitment to environmental preservation, PT Indonesia Aluminium Alloy (PT IAA) received a donation of 500 various types of plant seedlings from PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (PT INALUM) on Monday, March 4, 2024. The provision of seedlings is part of INALUM's Environmental Social Responsibility (ESR) to continue maintaining green areas around the smelting factory premises, including the area of PT IAA located in Kuala Tanjung, North Sumatra. The tree planting activity conducted within PT IAA's premises was also attended by the Head of Hydro Power Plant Operations Group, Dwi Yantho Soetimin, the Head of Business Sustainability and Environment Section of Hydro Power Plant, Sunarno A. Rakino, along with the INALUM ESR Section Team. Representatives from PT IAA were represented by the Head of Operations Department, Kurnian Syahri, along with the PT IAA team who participated in the planting activity.

The activity commenced with mapping the tree planting locations within the factory and office areas of PT IAA, which had been previously conducted. After determining the coordinates for planting points, stakes were placed as markers for planting, and compost was inserted as the organic planting medium. Stakes, made from bamboo stems, were utilized as plant stem supports. Subsequently, both teams from PT IAA and PT INALUM jointly participated in the planting activity within the factory and office areas of PT IAA.

As a testament to the commitment to environmental conservation, this activity is aimed at increasing awareness among individuals to continually preserve ecosystem sustainability. Monitoring will be conducted over the initial three months to ensure tree development. Apart from greening efforts, another benefit of tree planting activities is that they can serve as indicators for measuring and improving air quality, particularly in the vicinity of the company.


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